The Sample Problem

The sample application is setup to simulate a ball being thrown up in the air without drag under Newton's Law of Gravity. The Cartesian coordinate system has been chosen for the simulation. The diagram below illustrates the simple physics of the problem.

Ball with force = -mg

There are several things that should be tracked during the simulation. The simulation should record and report the ball's position, velocity and acceleration. It should also calculate the ball's kinetic, potential and total energies and report them. Lastly, the simulation should report the maximum height achieved by the ball, the total flight time, and its impact velocity.

The Cookbook Recipe

The following steps outline how to develop a simulation using the Framework.

  1. Select a coordinate system to solve the problem in.
    Note: there is no development required for this step.
  2. Create a PhysicalObject by sub-classing the appropriate coordinate system object
  3. Provide an implementation for PhysicalConfiguration
  4. Provide an implementation for PhysicalAlgorithm
  5. Provide an implementation for PhysicalMeasurement
  6. Provide an implementation for FinalReport
The sample problem dictates that we want to work within the Framework using the CartesianSystem and CartesianObject classes. The remaining sections of the documentation illustrate how the above steps were implemented.

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