Feynman Downloads

There are several downloads that are useful to users of the Framework. Each one is described in detail in the following sections.

Sample Application Distribution

This is the distribution that most users of the Framework should get started with. It includes all of the necessary binaries as well as the source code and documentation for a small sample application that illustrates how to construct a simulation using the Framework. For information on how to get started with the Framework, see the Getting Started section of the Documentation.

Usage: This distribution is for beginning users of the Framework.


Binary Distribution

This distribution contains the binary class files for the Framework packaged in a Jar file named feynman.jar. In addition it also includes the necessary Jar files needed to run an application using the Framework in the lib directory. It also includes all of the JavaDoc for the class library.

Usage: This distribution is for experienced users who want to get the most recent version of the Framework for use with their simulations.


Source Distribution

This distribution includes the source Java file that can be compiled to produce the feynman.jar file that is included in the Binary distribution. To compile the source code you must have Ant installed on your machine. You should read about the steps for compiling the source code and generating the JavaDoc if you download this distribution before you begin.

Usage: This distribution is for expert users who want to contribute to the Framework. It is also useful for other experienced Java developers who want to see the source code to learn how the Framework has been constructed.