What is the Framework?

The framework provides the mechanisms every person needs to develop simulations using the Java® programming language. The framework helps you create an extensible development environment for your application based on published standards and proven design patterns.

Who is the Framework For?

The framework is primarily for scientist and engineers who would like to make use of the Object Oriented features of the Java® programming language in developing complex numerical simulations of physical systems and mathematical functions. It is also simple enough for students to use as a way of learning Java.

Why Use It?

The framework eliminates numerous code writing tasks by allowing the developer to focus on the physical aspects of the simulation and the type of numerical algorithm being implemented.


Feynman 0.9 was released on November 12, 2002.


2003.02.18: Feedback regarding the project has been great! Thanks to all of the people who have tried using the Framework and provided their comments. Next up is to release the first 1.0 release that will include the spherical coordinate system. I have been delayed in getting this out but it will be here by the end of this week.

2003.01.09: Happy New Year! The vacations are over so a new release of the Framework is almost on its way! The next release will include support for the spherical coordinate system. Also on the way will be another example application. A molecular dynamics simulation of a gas using a Lennard-Jones potential will illustrate how to use the Framework for many particle systems. Be sure to keep checking back to see when these new features.

2002.11.27: The Documentation section of the website has been completed. Also the JavaDoc has been added to the website under the 0.9 Release API section.

2002.11.25: The new website has been released with more information on the framework than ever before. Hope everyone likes the new look.

2002.11.24: Didn't think Java® was ready for High Performance Computing? Then you might want to check out James Gosling's upcoming talk at the O'Reilly Bioinformatics Conference 2003 in San Diego, CA. Not a bad place to visit as well during the winter time.

2002.11.12: The first release of the Framework is now available for download. There are several different downloads based on what you need so make sure you read the about them in the Downloads section first.


The Feynman project is hosted by SourceForge. In addition to hosting this site and the downloads, SourceForge provides the following resources for the project:

This site is a blatant ripoff of the Fink Project's Website. Imitation is the highest form of flattery. Hats off to that group for producing the best tool there is for Mac OS X!